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Hi! I'm Nadia, a Holistic Health Coach & Fitness Trainer

Tosheika Beckford (Coach Nadia), born and raised in St. Thomas Jamaica, now resides in Virginia Beach, VA. It all began when she won her first race without training. Her talent was natural and her passion for Track & Field became her escape and driving force in her life.


After leaving Jamaica, she moved to the big city New York to finish high school, where she continued to dominate her peers. Shortly after graduating she join the Military (U.S Navy). She was admired for her fitness and ability to out others including her male counterparts. She quickly realized that was able to continue her passion by helping others to live a better lifestyle through fitness and nutrition.

After leaving the Military in 2015, she decided to pursuit her passion and obtain her  Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist certification through ACE. In 2018 ABlazing Trail Fitness was launched. Coach Nadia focus on bringing new and innovative fitness and nutrition program to women of all age and background, while focusing on overall health and wellness using holistic approach.

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